Taking a road trip this summer? Survey says your car’s not in summer shape

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Is the “check engine” light on in your car? If so, you’re not alone: a new survey says one in seven drivers is ignoring the same indicator.

According to a poll of 2,000 U.S. drivers, 15% say they’re living with that pesky — and potentially very important — light, and 29% say it’s been on for more than a month.

Fifteen percent of American motorists taking part in the Jiffy Lube-sponsored survey say they’re driving on brakes that squeak, 17% say their car is making a rattling noise. and 14% say it’s leaking something from somewhere.

However, the same survey shows there are various reasons drivers have for those ignoring those signs of trouble.  The most popular is not being able to afford a mechanic’s fix, at 27%; 26% believe there’s nothing wrong with their vehicle, and 21% say they can’t spare the time to bring their cars in for a check-up.

With the summer driving season upon us, it’s sobering to consider that two in five drivers say they believe they’re heading for a breakdown, and 62% of those polled say it’s happened already.

The average driver who took part in the survey has encountered two flat tires and run out of gas twice — in the past year alone.

Perhaps then, it’s no surprise that 39% of those polled say they feel “relief” when they get where they’re going, and 32% thank their car when they arrive.

Here are some other findings from the survey, which was conducted by OnePoll:


1. A rattling noise – 17%
2. The brakes squeak or grind – 15%
3. The “check engine” light is on – 15%
4. Cracked windshield – 14%
5. A leak – 14%


1. Feel relief when I arrive at my destination – 39%
2. Thank my car when we get somewhere safely – 32%
3. Talk to my car as I drive – 28%
4. Will my car to make it – 20%
5. Have a lucky charm in my car – 19%


1. I can’t afford to have my car looked at/fixed – 27%
2. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with my car – 26%
3. I don’t have enough time – 21%
4. I’m confident in my ability to fix my car – 19%
5. I don’t trust technicians – 15%


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