Tuesday evening, Huntsville City Councilmembers, department heads and members of the public met in the Library Community Room for a second Strategic Planning Session for 2021.

City Manager Aron Kulhavy got the discussion underway . . . .

Last night, Mr. Kulhavy asked for any new ideas and any clarification or rejection of the previous night’s ideas. He had posters up on the wall of Monday night’s input on City needs to focus on in the new year. He gave councilmembers circular stickers to place on the posters to prioritize their view of the most pressing needs listed.

Although this is not meant to be an accurate forecast of the final priorities, some of the more heavily voted priorities included:

–Consider zoning requirements for consistent development standards around town specifically where commercial/multifamily residences abut neighborhoods.

–Continue downtown street and sidewalk improvements.

–Review and consider rental property occupancy standards.

–Increase “luring” and marketing of businesses to town.

–Consider construction or participation in the construction of a driveway between Walmart and Aaron’s Rents.

–Consider widening FM 1374 from I-45 Veterans.

–Provide additional staff recognition programs.

–Work with Junior Service League to facilitate the construction of an inclusive playground at Kate Barr Ross Park.

–Review feasibility of building a sports complex.

–Review and create programs for youth and teens.

–An Economic Development Sales Tax

–Review Staffing levels and funding sources for increasing Fire Department Personnel.

–Review Staffing levels for the Police Department.


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