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Trinity ISD Board Meets

The Trinity ISD Board will hold their regular meeting at six tonight.

The Board will recognize students and staff.

There will be several reports presented this evening:

–SZH Architecture will have an update on the 2016 Trinity ISD Bond and Capital Improvement Project.

–There will be a principals’ reports, a maintenance report, a report from the athletic director and the superintendent will file a report.

Tonight’s “Consent Agenda” will consider and possibly take action on approving financial statements, investments, gifts, tax collection, amendments and bills.

On tonight’s “Action Agenda,” the board will consider approving all items related to the 2016 Trinity ISD Bond for Capital Improvements.

They will consider approval of the superintendent to file for waiver days for Lansberry and Middle School due to illness for two days.

They will consider the school calendar for next year. They will also meet in “Executive Session” to consider personnel issues.

School Resource Officer Did Not Enter School Building During Shooting

In Palm Beach County, Florida, law enforcement officers have been guarding the residence of a former school resource officer who remained outside of the Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida as the shooting there unfolded.

The sheriff’s deputy, Scot Peterson, was armed and assigned to the school’s campus when Nickolas Cruz shot 17 people to death. Peterson resigned yesterday, following a video recording which revealed that he never entered the school.

In a news conference Thursday, local sheriff Scott Israel reported that the video showed the deputy arriving on the west side of the school where Cruz was shooting, but, according to the sheriff, Peterson did not go in.

Thomas “Bart” Whitaker Death Sentence Commuted By Governor

Thursday, Governor Greg Abbott granted clemency to Thomas “Bart” Whitaker from Sugar Land who was scheduled for execution yesterday at the Huntsville Unit.

Whitaker had been given the death penalty for targeting his own family in a murder-for-hire scenario which would result in his receiving $1 million in inheritance money.

The governor called off the execution less than an hour before the lethal injection was scheduled.

It was the governor’s first commutation of a death sentence. According to a report, the governor referred to Whitaker’s father’s heartfelt opposition to his son’s death and Thomas “Bart” Whitaker’s agreement to waive parole as reasons for the commutation.

Early Voting Update

Walker County Elections Manager Julie Cooper reports that the total number of voters checked-in during early voting Thursday the 22nd was 394; of those voters, 37  voted in the Democratic Primary and 357  in the Republican Primary. This makes for a total of 1,165 voters checked-in during early voting for the March 6, 2018 Primary Elections in Walker County.

Update On City’s Proposition #3 Projects

From 5 to 6 PM this past Tuesday, the Huntsville City Council, the interim City Manager and other related personnel and guests gathered for a work session to hear information on debt issuance and Bond Proposition #3 timelines.

Interim City Manager Aron Kulhavy kicked off the meeting . . . .

Next at the Work Session from American Civil Engineering Services, engineer Brent Sherrod gave an update on all the projects to be bid on, which included an elevated storage tank, new pump station and ground storage tank, Palm Street Station Rehab, Spring Lake Plant Pump Replacement, waterlines, Elkins Lake Dam Lift Station and AJ Brown Wastewater Treatment Plant, including the anticipated award date, notice to proceed date and anticipated first payment due. The total cost according to the current engineer’s estimate was $50,655,000.

City Finance Director Steve Ritter said that total utility funds available for debt service was $4,000,000.

Hilltop Securities Financial Adviser Boyd London informed councilmembers about the upcoming selling of an estimated $49,105.000 in water and sewer revenue bonds and payments. He presented a projected May 1st, 2018 City Council passage of an ordinance authorizing issuance of the bonds.

At Tuesday night’s regular session of the Huntsville City Council, they approved a resolution to proceed with all necessary processes and documents in connection with the sale of Proposition #3 bonds for water and sewer projects.

Wayne LaPierre Recommends Hardening American Schools

CPAC, or the Conservative Political Action Conference, was underway in National Harbor, Maryland Thursday when Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, addressed attendees.

In light of the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida, LaPierre strongly recommended hardening schools. . . .

Threats At Huntsville School Investigated

The Huntsville Item reported in today’s paper local police are looking into two separate occurrences where students made threats about hurting others at Mance Park Middle School last Friday.

No evidence, however, turned up that indicated a weapon was brought on the school grounds.

According to HPD Lt. Jim Barnes, the students’ cases were referred to Walker County Juvenile Services.

Early Voting Update

Walker County Elections Manager Julie Cooper reports that the total number of voters checked-in during early voting Wednesday, February 21st was 277; of those voters, 22 voted in the Democratic Primary, and 255 in the Republican Primary. This makes for a total of 771 voters checked-in during early voting for the March 6, 2018 Primary Elections in Walker County.

Students Talk With President Trump About Florida School Shooting

Wednesday, Parkland, Florida students who survived the shooting at their school talked with President Trump about the incident and what should be done to prevent something similar happening in the future.

One of many emotional moments occurred when Sam Zeif expressed his feelings about the incident . . . .

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